New Year's Resolutions at Going Pro Entertainment

Message from Our Founder

The time has come again to count our blessings and look ahead to the new year! Webster's Dictionary defines "resolution" as:
  • A firm decision to do or not to do something.
  • "She kept her resolution to call her mother each week."
  • Synonyms: intention, resolve, decision, intent, aim, plan
  • The quality of being determined or resolute.
  • "He handled the last actions of the war with resolution."
  • Synonyms: determination, purpose, purposefulness, resolve, resoluteness, single-mindedness, firmness, firmness of purpose
Ten years ago, I was rounding out my rookie year as an NFL Cheerleader. I had worked years to build my dance training, endured an "unsuccessful" NFL audition, performed for another team to gain experience, and finally, yes FINALLY! I was living the life I had dreamed as a cheerleader in the National Football League. 

But let me tell you, the job was not simply handed to returning NFL cheerleaders. As I entered a new year, my resolve had to be stronger and more focused.

Just as I trained tirelessly to gain a rookie position, I was faced with the high expectations to earn a veteran position. Veterans were expected to DO more, BE more, and prove they could LEAD. Each veteran offered something special to the team. As I entered each veteran year, my resolution changed to serve a different purpose. Sometimes it was simply to make the team and continue to grow, and by my seventh year cheering professionally, I resolved to blaze a trail for the industry of professional cheerleading and dance - a goal that I have continued to pursue beyond my years performing. 

Each year, as the "ball drops" and we approach a new audition season, I am reminded of this important lesson learned through my years as a professional cheerleader - the need to identify your purpose and to set clear goals. That's why at Going Pro Entertainment we are constantly evolving to do justice to this great industry of professional cheerleaders and dancers. 

I remember finishing my seventh season and realizing that I was tired. I was ready to move on. I wanted to eat cookies and watch the games on my couch! There were other girls waiting in line to take my position, and it was time for me to step aside. I realize now that I was not "giving up" but simply accepting another purpose and "passing the torch." As we carry Going Pro Entertainment forward into the seventh year, I know we must remain committed to the trail we are blazing. 

In 2014, I resolve to continue setting the world on fire, one performer at a time, one team at a time. Since 2008, Going Pro Entertainment has been the first and the largest resource for professional cheerleading and dance training. With representatives in over 30 markets, we have guided over 300 candidates through one-on-one training and our events have welcomed over 600 attendees. Our team of elite pro alumni are YOUR cheerleaders. Going Pro Entertainment can light that fire in you, feed that burning desire to do more and be more - whether it's making your first team, becoming a veteran or leading your team with the greatest of purpose.

Cheers to another successful year and to your resolutions. We hope 2014 is your best year yet. 

CEO and Founder, Going Pro Entertainment, LLC