We Are Your Cheerleader. As alumni NFL and NBA cheerleaders, we’ve been there. We’ve experienced the anxiety of auditions. We’ve been the chosen few selected to perform for thousands and represent our beloved sports teams. We know that the experience is more than just poms and boots, dance routines, and photo shoots, it can shape you as a woman, a professional and a performer. At Going Pro Entertainment, our goal to help other women live this dream and feel supported along the way.

About Audition Coaching: Going Pro Entertainment began audition coaching in 2008 and now exists in several major U.S. markets and Canada. Comprised of elite alumni performers of the NFL and NBA, Going Pro consultants offer customized guidance in pro cheer, pro dance and collegiate auditions. Going Pro Consultants remove the guess work out of auditions, walking you through each step of the process, providing valuable inside tips and honest advice that is specific to you and your regional auditions.

Contact Going Pro to customize your program. Each session is 90-minutes in length. Location, dates, times will be confirmed with your consultant prior to your first session. Training includes all areas associated with your pro dance and cheer audition including but not limited to hair, makeup, fitness, choreography, technique, kicks, jumps, public communication, interview, testing, photography, application and attire.
  • Distance Coaching - Through email, chat and phone communication, our pro cheer consultants can make a major difference in your auditions at an affordable price. Ask questions, learn what to expect, and determine simple ways you can improve your chance to make the team!
  • Regional One-on-One Consulting - Meet face to face in a private setting with a pro cheer alumna. Ask questions and get REAL answers! Through regional consulting, your consultant will get to know you, evaluate your progress, and assist you in a hands-on environment. All sessions are 90-minutes in length and take place at your consultant’s choice of fitness or dance facility. Please note that some regions require an additional facility fee. Please contact Going Pro for complete program information for as low as $60.00 per session.
Get Started Now! Contact Going Pro with your preferences and questions. We can’t wait to cheer you on to the next level!