Meet Consultant Heidi Inthavong - Frederick, MD

Serving Washington DC and Baltimore, Heidi Inthavong trains out of Frederick, Maryland. Heidi cheered for the NFL for five years in Kansas City, where she appeared as the swimsuit cover model, was a choreographer and captain, and traveled to Egypt, Spain, Portugal, Germany, Belgium, and other countries supporting the U.S. military. Heidi is currently a certified personal trainer and group fitness instructor and is a member of the Science Cheerleaders, a group of pro cheerleaders and alumni who promote STEM fields while performing across the United States. As a Science Cheerleader, Heidi appeared on the Today Show and was involved in breaking a Guinness Book of World Records for the World's Largest Cheer.

Heidi cheered competitively for the coed team at University of Kansas and has directed overseas high school cheerleading all star programs. In addition to fitness, cheer and dance, Heidi has been a pageant judge, sitting on the panel for Miss Maryland United States.

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