Meet Consultant Allison Grosso - Philadelphia, PA

Going Pro welcomes to staff an outstanding Eagles Cheerleader alumna Allison Williams Grosso, located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Allison has also recently appeared as a Science Cheerleader which was featured on the Today Show, CNN and MSNBC. Before becoming an NFL cheerleader, Allison cheered for North Carolina State University, where she received degrees in biology and chemistry. Today she works for a biotech company.

While cheering for the Eagles, Allison served as captain for two seasons, performed in Hong Kong during the Chinese New Year’s Parade, and appeared in the team calendar.

Allison is thrilled to work closely with audition candidates. “My advice is to go for it all! There are so many of us who juggle a career and performance schedule, and it is possible. It certainly takes a lot of dedication, but it is definitely worth it!”

Allison and other pro cheer alumni within the Going Pro network are available for audition consulting and team training. Contact Going Pro for additional details.